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Workshop in Fashion Design & Fabric Smocking Techniques at BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design on 20th July 2016


SFD Ghana organized a free workshop on “Fabric Smocking Techniques” on 20th July, 2016 for the fashion enthusiasts across Ghana.

Fabric manipulation is an art of reshaping fabric using a variety of techniques. It’s a creative & manipulative technique that changes the look and feel of the fabric with use of simple tools i.e. NEEDLE & THREAD. It texturizes, embellish, inflate and support. They create puckers, folds, waves, puffs, projections and openings with stitching by hand and machine to reshape the fabric surface into textured 2D surfaces or more 3D structures. As the world of fashion moves towards minimalism, there’s no doubt that fabric manipulation replaces the position of embellishments and ornamentation.

SFD Ghana understands the value of “learning by doing” – which encourages us to invest in these kind of workshops. Over the past six months, SFD has successfully organized workshops on various areas of fashion and textile design like:

  • Tie & Dye Technique
  • Fabric Manipulation & Textile Screen Printing
  • Creative Printing Techniques
  • Creative Pattern Making 

These workshops have received tremendous response across the varied set of audiences. It had participation from JHS/SHS leaves, university grads and people from industry, not limited to fashion and designing, as well as academia. The latest workshop was organized to cater the enormous request of audience who were not able to attend the past training.

Such workshop provides room for brainstorming and generation of new ideas. We at SFD believe these to be a medium of healthy exchange between audience and the institution. Participants gain to orient their skills towards the industry requirements through such workshops and seminars.

These hands-on workshops have been organized by Academic team at BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design in co-ordination with other department. Faculty members at SFD are not only confined to national boundaries but also have international experts in the field of Fashion, Design, Merchandising and Production which adds a great value to this kind of workshop and our offerings.

The whole team at SFD is dedicated towards its mission of:
To be a premier “fashion, design and creative school” with 'Innovation and Design’ AND
To develop designers who can be placed worldwide for benchmarking of standards of design and practice by encouraging "thinking global and acting local".

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