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Workshop on Stencil Printing Technique at SFD on 25th January 2017


BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design (SFD) always stands ahead in engaging the students and general public in all creative works and activities. At SFD Ghana we believe in experiential learning and so we encourage Designing aspirants to participate in activities.

On that note the School conducted a workshop on Stencil Printing on 25th January, 2017 at their campus. Core aim of this workshop was to create awareness amongst the audience to consider Textile Design as a career option. 

Textile design refers to the art of process of designing the different structures and looks of different textiles or fabrics. Textiles come in a wide range of different colors and patterns, and it is also the textile designer’s job to determine what type of design a certain fabric should have, and how that look will be achieved. There are numerous techniques, some are so simple and easy to execute, which one can use for printing and dyeing of the fabric. Participants were trained on a technique called Stencil Printing. 

Stenciling is an incredibly easy and open-ended embellishing technique. It can be used to add detail, help harmonize or totally transform any sewing project. Just cut any shape out of a thin sheet of plastic, then sponge fabric paint through the hole to print the shape onto your fabric or garment. The focus of the workshop was skill development among the participants.

This workshop goes in hand with all of us as it’s easy to practice and follow all by ourselves. The workshop was open to all, attend it and get the opportunity to learn the best of creativity at Best Fashion Design School in the country. 

SFD Ghana has also recently launched a Professional Certificate course in Textile Design to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the creation and functional utilization of various textiles. The most common industry that uses textiles is the fashion industry, and the courses in the program will focus on the creation and design of different types of fabrics.