Professional Certification Courses

Professional Certificate In Garment Construction


This course is designed to provide competencies in various components of garments which are essential to enable students fabricate various components of fashion. Students are expected to fabricate garments for kids, adolescents and adults as per the layouts and specifications. It also focuses on intermediate and advanced garment construction, with emphasis on tailoring, fitting, formalwear techniques, and creating sustainable fashion of African and Western Clothing. It introduces students to contemporary manufacturing, finishing processes, and emerging trends in apparel production.

Course also provides practical analysis of the basic components of textiles and their relationship to performance. Students are to examine the characteristics of fibers, yarns, methods of fabric construction, such as weaving and knitting, and survey dyes, prints, and finishes. Emphasis is placed on performance and the determination of fabric suitability in the apparel design industry.

Job Opportunities:

Quality Controllers in Fashion industry, Production managers, Pattern maker, Self employed
in garment industry and many more.


  • Basic Pattern Drafting & Sewing Techniques
  • Fabric Science
  • Garment Construction
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Flat Pattern Making
  • Garment Manufacturing Technology
  • Computer Pattern Drafting and Grading
  • Apparel Production & Quality Control

Professional Certificate In Textile Design


This course is designed to provide competencies in various techniques of textile design including fabric printing and dyeing which are essential to enable students to create better designs. Students are expected to learn various methods of fabric printing including block printing, direct printing, screen printing, stencil printing discharge printing, resist printing and resist dyeing.

Students can use the printing skills learned during the program to start their own commercial textile design and printing work.

Course also provides practical skills in preparation and usage of multi-colour screens for repeat and mirror patterns, use of wax for fabric printing, Batik dyeing and printing, different forms of tie & dye printing techniques, Japanese printing technique of Shibori and other creative printing techniques.

Job Opportunities:

Textile designer, Tie & Dye specialist, Fabric printing expert, Self-employed in fashion & textile industry and many more.


  • CTD111    Basics of Textile Printing and Dyeing
  • CTD112    Stencil Printing Techniques
  • CTD113    Block Printing Methods
  • CTD114    Screen Printing Methods
  • CTD115    Resist Printing Techniques (Batik Printing)
  • CTD116    Resist Printing Techniques (Tie & Dye)
  • CTD117    Resist Printing Techniques (Shibori)
  • CTD118    Creative Printing Techniques

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