Certificate Programs

Fashion Studio


This course introduces students to create designs in wholesome digital environment, to enable the students to designer photo-realistic fashion illustrations, rendering of different fabric textures using the Reach Fashion Studio software. RFS is a multipurpose software for design, sales, sampling and printing departments. Packed with features REACH Fashion Studio enables the students to learn 2D, 3D Designs with product visualization, texture mapping, color reduction and cleaning, design and repeat, color ways, color communication.


Introduction to CAD, CAM in Fashion and Apparel Industry. Applications of CAD, CAM in fashion designing.
Fabric/ Textile Designing: Development of wove, knitted, printed fabrics samples. Importing & exporting of patterns to the library. Application of Developed samples to the sketches. Creation of Textured fabrics. Pattern Repeat types: Brick, half brick repeat- Drop/ Halp Drop repeat, random repeat Diamond repeat, Mirror, One way/ Two Way repeat.

3D Product Visualisation: development of design using RFS. Creation of designs using rendering tools with different colours, surfaces and patterns. UNIT IV
Texture Mapping: Develop Designs on a model/ Real time model. Scanning of Preliminary ideas: Manipulation of materials/fabrics on Models in real time draping effect using intuitive tools through texture mapping. Previewing the developed & manipulated fabrics in 3D.

Colour Reduction, Communication: Developing/ scanning of existed picture / fabric. Colour separation through Colour reduction. Colour personalisation using RGB & CMYK hue developments. Colour mix, colour separation. Finding nearest tint/shade of existed samples. Development of seasonal colour palettes. Creation of Colour ways.

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